Fields at Ambush

Hay Bales Field

Fight your way from bunker to bunker across our giant field of hay bales.

Over 350 hay bales spread across a 25,000 square ft. field.  It even has a 100 ft. long snake! This field is intense.  No other paintball park has anything like it!!

Diamond Trench Field

A great mix of 3 ft. deep trenches and 6 ft. high spools.  This field will confuse even

the most expert players.  (The highlight of this field is a huge diamond trench in the

middle, which surrounds a killer center bunker and tower.) Just when you thought

you were safe…you’re not!!

Spool Field

Another huge 25,000 square ft. field that’s littered with too many spools to count!

Bounce from a 3 ft. high spool, to a 6 ft. spool, to a 4 ft. spool as you move down

the field and  gain angles on your opponent.  Whether you’re a beginner or expert,

everyone will love the Spool Field!!

The Town Field

No other Paintball Park has a city like ours.  This thing is HUGE!  Our city has

32 buildings spread across a perfectly square 40,000 square ft. playing area.

We have four starting stations; one in each corner.  No one will ever have an

advantage.  Only the smart, stealthy player will survive in this urban city.  Close

Quarter Combat (CQB) is here, so you better be ready!

World War I Field

Yes, the name says it all.  Each team starts in a World War I style trench facing

each other.  Charge out of your trench and run for cover as you get closer and

closer to the enemy.  Attack your opponent’s trench, or be attacked.  Either way it’s

going to get crazy. Take over their trench and you’ll be victorious!!

The Junkyard Field

Full of Junk to Hide Behind, our Junkyard field is filled with random obstacles like vehicles, over-sized boxes,

shipping containers and metal barrels.  This field is a fun hybrid between hyperball and long range rec ball

making it a perfect field for large games.  Get ready for a challenge on Junkyard!

The Arena Airball Field

Play on a regulation size Airball field, just like the professionals and competition players.

Park right next to the field in our paved lot and play Airball on our turf field!

We regularly rotate our Airball field layout for walk-ons and team practices throughout the year.