Field Rules & FAQ

Ambush Field Rules

Our Field Reserves the Right to Refuse Entry to Anyone
All Rules Must Be Followed

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1) All participants must be at least 10 years of age to play, unless you are part of a Jr. Party Package (Age 7 and up)

2) Any participants under the age of 18 must have a signed waiver by a parent or legal guardian.

3) All Paintball Markers must not shoot faster than 280 feet per second and each marker will be checked before each game.

4) All participants must where approved goggles at all times while on any paintball fields and designated shooting ranges.

5) All Paintball Markers must have a barrel sock fixed on the marker until a staff member tells them it’s ok to remove it.

6) No alcohol is permitted on the property.

7) Any smoking must be performed inside your personal vehicle.

8) No fighting or personal contact with any other participant is permitted.

9) All participants must follow all directions from staff members at all times.

10) No firing of Paintball Markers is allowed in the parking lot area!

11) Paintball Markers may only be fired during live games and at designated shooting ranges.

12) All participants must where full pants, longs sleeve shirts, and shoes at all times.

13) All Games must be supervised by a staff member at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What should I wear?

Get ready to have fun, get dirty and get some exercise!
Bring clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. When playing paintball, all your skin should be covered so bring long pants, an old pair of tennis shoes, or boots, a long sleeve shirt or sweat shirt, hat or beanie to cover your head. Experienced players will bring gloves, knee & elbow pads as well. Camouflage or dark earth tone colors are recommended.

Do you have food and drinks on site for sale?

Yes we do have drinks and fresh pizza for sale on site. You can place a pizza order for your group when you show up to register. We combine all order for all groups and Domino’s delivers about 12:30 each day. Price is $20 for a X-Large Pizza/Any combo of toppings. (Price includes Delivery & Tip)You’re welcome to bring outside food and drinks as well.

Can I pick a Map or Field for my group?

We have 6 playing fields. Each themed separately. Your group will rotate between fields and experience each theme.

Will by kids be supervised?

Yes, all players are placed on a team, either a Walk-On team or a private group. Each team/group will be assigned a referee that will stay them all day. The referee will organize the games and help any issues that may come up.

What if people in my group don’t show up?

For a private game we only have two rates. 10+ or 20+ people. The minimum to book a private game is 10 people. If you reach 20 people, everyone in your group will receive a $5 discount. If your group count falls below 10 people you must pay for the minimum of 10.

Still have a question?

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If you still have a question please give us a call or email us.